Baccarat is a very popular and one of the oldest games widely known as baccarat chemin de fer, baccarat Deux tables and punto banco. The most common variation of baccarat that most of you will find in online casinos is punto banco. The key difference between punto banco and the other variations of the baccarat is that the former is extremely simplified. 

The punto banco baccarat game always comes with a dealer and this is the only version where players are allowed to bet on a tie. However, over time, these names of baccarat variations were mixed up and the tables that most players will commonly find in online casinos are punto banco.

What is Bitcoin Baccarat?

Bitcoin baccarat is no different from the regular baccarat games that people play at online casinos. It is a card game that can genuinely create some fervour when played at a casino. It is one of the easiest games that require no expertise which is why it is quite popular among gamblers. As a matter of fact, baccarat has been able to attract various types of players into the casino platforms. In addition, with the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the casino operators have started to offer Bitcoin baccarat which provides additional benefits and bonuses to those who play baccarat with Bitcoin.

Working of Bitcoin Baccarat Game

To understand how Bitcoin baccarat games work, it is important to understand the difference between Bitcoin baccarat and the regular version of the game. The simplest answer is that there is no major difference in terms of strategies and rules of playing baccarat. The only difference lies in the method of deposits and withdrawals made by the players to play the game. 

However, this has created a welcoming environment where software providers and casino operators have a brand-new space to offer their players. Like any other Bitcoin game, there are new variations of baccarat that are available on online platforms which have come with the introduction of Bitcoin as a payment method. 

Best bitcoin baccarat sites offer games with instant payouts and provably fair algorithms that have substantially influenced both the casino operators and the players. The only difference between the regular baccarat and the Bitcoin baccarat is that players wager on Bitcoin in the case of Bitcoin baccarat instead of the regular fiat currency. However, some platforms also allow players to convert Bitcoin to fiat so that they can continue playing with their usual currency.

Strategies to Play Bitcoin Baccarat

The strategies to play Bitcoin baccarat remain the same – 

  • Follow the Shoe – The most common baccarat strategy is to follow a shoe. It is a simple strategy of betting that works when the player places a wager on the hand that has won previously. The basic motive of this strategy is to get hold of a winning streak as it strikes. Usually, winning hands come in clumps, which means there is a higher possibility for a winning hand to receive consecutive winnings. 
  • Know the Odds – The baccarat card game has three positions – player, banker and tie. It is important to know the odds of all these three positions because it will give the players a chance in catching the best options to put their wagers on. The probability of winning for a banker‘s hand is 45.84% with a house edge of only 1.06%. The winning odds for a player‘s hand is 44.61% with a house edge of 1.23%. Lastly, for the tie, there are two categories: 9 is to 1 which offers a winning odd of 9.45% and a house edge of 4.57% while 8 is to 1 tie offers the same winning odds with a higher house edge of 14.12%.
  • Bet-Case Situation – This strategy works in the following way – In the first round, the players bet 1 unit only. If they get lucky, they will have a total of two units. Add another unit to it and make it 3. Wager these in the second round. If the players win again, they will have 6 units with them. Keep 4 units and wager the remaining 2 units in the following round. Repeat the process but remember that if the player loses a hand, he needs to repeat the first step again.
  • Winning Strategy of 1-3-2-6 – The key highlight of this strategy is that a player can get a chance to win 10 units while risking 2 units or even less. To know how this works, put 1 unit wager on a favoured hand. If the player wins, make the next bet of 3 units. If the player still wins, bet 2 units in the next round. If luck is in favour and the player wins again, wager 6 units in the 4th round. Follow this 1-3-2-6 winning strategy that will earn the players a sum of 12 and 10 units of profits. 

Is It Safe to Play Bitcoin Baccarat?

Bitcoin baccarat works in the same way as any regular baccarat game but with the only difference in the mode of payment. Bitcoin casinos that offer baccarat games offer an additional payment method over and above the traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and credit card payments. Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are decentralised money that comes with a multitude of benefits, one of which is safe and reliable payments. Note that not all Bitcoin casinos are licensed and regulated by leading regulatory authorities which makes Bitcoin baccarat games quite an unsafe option for the players. As long as the casinos are licensed and legit, the players need not worry about safety while playing Bitcoin baccarat at the best crypto casinos.

Future of Bitcoin Baccarat

Like any other Bitcoin casino games like Bitcoin poker, slots, BlackJack and other card games, Bitcoin baccarat has also become one of the best go-to betting options for most online gamblers. Many fiat casinos have started to introduce Bitcoin and other crypto options, after realising the multiple advantages that come with cryptos such as anonymous gaming and the fastest withdrawals. Even though Bitcoin baccarat is still in its infant stage, it is believed to have a bright future in the coming years.


To sum up, compared to other card gaming titles, Bitcoin baccarat is a game of luck and not skills. This is the reason why every casino tries to make Bitcoin baccarat available on their platforms for players who are searching for a quick bet. The introduction of Bitcoin has brought about more ways to enjoy the baccarat game. With this, the players get the motivation to improve their odds in order to maximise their returns. Bitcoin baccarat strategies work in the same way as in the case of regular baccarat but with a rewarding and exciting gaming experience that was beyond reach before.

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